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Doggie Daycare and Dog Walking

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Daycare at the farm is a fun and enjoyable experience for both large and small dogs. Secure fenced areas and comfortable indoor accommodations offer a resort type atmosphere. A typical visit consists of greetings and play time in our outdoor fenced areas or upper “littles” area. Break/nap time between 12:00 & 2:30, afternoon play time and/or an afternoon walk.  Pickup and drop off services are available for a nominal fee based upon distance and averaging only $5.00 per day. Pick-up and drop off times may vary but occur normally between 7-9AM and 4-5PM.

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A slide show of our doggie daycare/vacation pet care at the farm in 2016…

Note: We charge an additional 20% on all major holidays/or minimum $10 extra fee when boarding.

Daily Visit Rates
1-2 visits per week 3-5 visits per week
$30.00 per visit $25.00 per visit


Seacoast Horse & Pet Sitting’s dog walking service consists of whatever best serves your dogs needs…

Your dog will be taken for a walk on a leash in the area that you specify. We currently do neighborhood walks and beach walks . If you have a safe fenced area we would be happy to let your dog into the area and play a game of fetch or complete the exercise routine of your choice. We have also taken our current dog walking customers for rides in the car, and visits with our own pets for one-on-one play time.

Due to our current walking schedule we can take daily walking clients in Newbury, Newburyport and Plum Island only. We also offer full day care at Lisa’s farm and pickup and drop off services are available for Newbury and Newburyport clients for an additional $5.00.

$25.00 per visit $22.00 per visit

Pricing is for one dog –  additional dog is 1/2 price.

Why Use a Dog Walking Service?

Your dog is part of your family. For most people, having a dog is the equivalent of having a child. You give them as much love and affection as you can, but the problem is that you can not always be there. Spending a day in a crate is no fun for any animal. And even if your dog is house trained, it can still be extremely lonely for them to be all alone most of the day while you are out at work.

Think about this; while you are at home, your dog is accustomed to your presence. However, even though our special friends are very intelligent, they do not know what work is, or where you are when you are not home. Many pets spend most of their day waiting for their owners to come home. This can cause a dog to develop canine anxiety, a condition which can lead to some surprising behaviors. One of the most common behaviors associated with canine anxiety is the dreaded panic attack. If you have ever come home to see that your door is scratched, or things are damaged or torn up, and your dog does not exhibit these behaviors when you are present in the home, chances are this means that, while you were gone at work, your dog had a panic attack.

When is using a dog walker preferable to doggie daycare?

Our service is a great way to make sure that your dog never feels all alone during the day while avoiding the stress that some dogs experience at large doggie daycares. Although many dogs do well at doggie day care facilities, some experience stress and anxiety when thrown into are large pack of dogs. Smaller dogs may get overwhelmed by the rough play and “Bully dogs” may actually have a negative effect on your dogs social skills. Dogs do need some downtime and many dogs do not respond well to the constant stimulation of playing and barking dogs.

Your pet will be safe and happy with us…

We take the health and safety of your pet seriously…

We are a registered business that is fully insured through Pet Sitters Assoc., LLC. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and will treat your special pet and home with love and respect.

We are so confident in our abilities with animals that we offer to do free consultations. This means that we will come to your home so that you and your unique pet can meet us. You can see first hand exactly how we interact with your pet so that when you are gone at work, you will not have to worry about how your pooch is feeling.

We know that each and every animal will be different and have different needs. Just like people, animals have personalities. There are certain things that one dog may like that another does not appreciate. We will work with your dog just as we would a child, getting to know them and letting them know us as well. More than this, we will give your dog something very important; a good friend that they can spend time with while you are at work. We do what we do out of love; animals are as much a part of our lives, and our hearts, as anything else. If you want to ensure that your pet is treated right, and that you get everything that you need out of a dog walking service for your pooch, then give us a try. We promise you that your pet will love it!

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