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What our pet sitting clients have to say…

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Image of Georgie Girl

Georgie Girl

Hi, my name is Georgie. I go to Lisa’s farm once a week and when my family goes on vacation. When I first came to my new home in Newbury, MA I was really shy and scared. Lisa came to my house once a week for a month and played with me until I was ready for home visits at her farm. I play with Buddy (the other dog that lives there) and there is a huge fenced in area where we can run, run, run! Last year I went to Lisa’s farm for a whole ten days and felt right at home (they even let me up on the furniture).

Interpreted by owner Susan, Newbury, MA


Image of Horse Al

Big A

Lisa and Anne come by to take care of us when Carrie is away. They keep us in the same routine of feeding, cleaning and turnout time. I think Lisa likes me best because she gives me extra attention and talks to me when she’s in my stall. My barn buddy Harley also seems happy with their care and Elliott, the bunny, who lives in our barn gets extra treats and attention too. Lisa and Anne do a great job cleaning out the barn, which makes it nice for Carrie when she comes home.

Interpreted by barn owner Carrie, Newbury, MA


Image of Nova


My name is Nova, I am still a puppy and need lots of love and attention during the day while my family is at work and school. Luckily Anne takes care of me during the day. We take lots of walks on the beach and play ball. I even stayed at her house for 2 weeks while my family went on vacation. Last week I went to the vet and got an operation – ouch – but Anne has taken extra care of me and I’m feeling much better and don’t have to wear the “cone of shame” any more.

Interpreted by Nova’s Mom Ann, Plum Island, MA




My name is Ricky and I am a Morgan. I share a wonderful barn with two goats named Tuffy and Gentle. There used to be a few pigs here but they are gone now, I often wonder where they went. When my Mom is on vacation she has Anne come and take care of us. It is nice to have her here, she feeds, cleans, turns me out and will groom me. She even gives treats. The goats like her because she gives them pretzel treats to eat, they just love them.

Interpreted by barn owner Linda, Newbury, MA


Carmie on her Beach Walk

Carmie on her Beach Walk

I’m a Island Girl! I live on Plum Island (which is actually Newburyport, MA). Anne takes me for great walks 3 days a week. I wait patiently for her to arrive and then we go for nice long walks either down the road or out on the beach. I do love sticks and Anne is always happy to throw one for me when we go out.

Interpreted by owner


Argentina - Newbury Equine Rescue

Argentina – Newbury Equine Rescue

Hi my name is Argentina and I live at Newbury Equine Rescue. We love to see Anne when she comes to volunteer each Thursday. In addition to her cleaning and feeding us she takes time to speak to and pat each one of us. Believe us that is a big job. We are a barn of 5 horses, 2 goats, 4 cats, chickens, ducks, and many more varieties of birds. It’s fun to watch Chrissy the goat ram into Anne trying to entice her to play and “Shitty” the rooster chase her. We find Anne very entertaining and can rely on her to come every Thursday.

Interpreted by barn owner Julie, Newbury, MA


Image of dog on the beach


My name is Ham and I’m a lab mix that has lots of energy. I lived on Plum Island for a while and Anne use to take me for some great runs on the beach. I moved away but still go to Anne’s when my family goes on vacation. There is a big fun loving dog that lives at Anne’s. His name is Ceasar and we have a lot of fun together. Playing running and long walks on the beach. I always feel like I’m on my own vacation.

Interpreted by Owner

Beckett and Tug

Beckett and Tug

Beckett and Tug

Hi my name is Beckett and this is my little brother Tug (he’s the Chug). This is a picture of us playing on Lisa’s back porch with Buddy (he lives there). We’ve just come back from a walk and play time in the back fenced area. Now we’re running in and out of Lisa’s office while she gets some work done on her computer. Tug and I come here whenever our parents go on vacation or away for the night. We always have fun here, feel right at home and especially love that we get to sleep with the 11 year old girl that lives here too.

Interpreted by AnneMarie, Newburyport, MA


Image of White Horse


My name is Chiquita and I live in a beautiful barn with my stablemate Simon. We also have two cats that live here with us, Bill and Ted. Lisa and Anne take care of us when our mom goes away. They take care of us, the kitties and the barn almost exactly like our mom. Sometimes we just see them for breakfast or dinner if our mom needs them at the last minute. We’re glad they live close by and can come anytime!

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