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Horse and Barn Care

Horse Sitting Services

Horse Sitting Services

At Seacoast Horse & Pet Sitting, our number one goal is to develop a relationship with your pets, and with you. We want to be the friends and caretakers that your pets need while you are away. Whether you are going on vacation, taking a weekend trip, or even need to work late, there is no one better to meet your needs than Seacoast Horse & Pet Sitting.

What We Do For Your Horse

While we work with many pets, our first and main focus, originally, was horses. We have spent decades not only taking care of horses, but riding as well. We are aware of the delicate nature of these strong magnificent animals. First and foremost, we take care of their needs; feeding, stable cleaning and turnout. Feedings will be completed per your specifications. We will complete a horse sitting care form listing all the individual needs of your horses so that we can make sure that they are fed properly, and on their normal schedule. We will also ensure that your horse has sufficient water through out the day and always complete a quick health and wellness check.

Horse Sitting Rates

Fee is based upon type of visit and tasks performed.
Please use this chart as an estimate only.
Breakfast/Stall Cleaning Lunch Visit Dinner and Shutdown
$25.00/1 horse+10.00 each additional horse $15.00/per visit+5.00 when feeding 3 or more $20.00/per visit+5.00 per horse

NOTE: We charge an additional 20% on major Holidays.

BREAKFAST SERVICE: Feeding/Water (Hay, grain, supplements as specified
Stall Cleaning
Turnout with light grooming, blanketing or repellent application as required

LUNCH SERVICE Feeding/Water (Hay as specified check and refill water where necessary) Quick look – health and safety check

Service: Feeding/Water (Hay, grain, supplements as specified)
Quick look – health and safety check
Blanket changes as necessary

Other Pets: Many of our barn clients have other pets. We can take care of your other barn buddies for a nominal fee. From bunnies to goats we’ve taken care of them all. Dogs can be cared for at your barn location or brought home with us for vacation stays. Again, we customize our pet sitting program to YOUR NEEDS!

House Sitting: For vacation barn care we include retrieving mail/newspapers so that your barn doesn’t look deserted. We can include other house care tasks at a nominal fee.

Why should you choose Seacoast Horse Sitting as your premier horse sitter?

Well, as a horse owner, and no doubt a horse lover, you know full well how important it is for your horse to receive the best care possible. After all, taking care of a horse is no small feat; many people have no idea where to start in order to properly take care of a horse. Thus, as much as you may want to, it might not be the best idea to leave the care of your horse up to a friend or family member. Fortunately, Seacoast Horse & Pet Sitting does. We have decades’ worth of experience taking care of horses. We know the importance of keeping a regular routine, especially at feeding time. An irregular feeding schedule may cause a horse to ingest feed too quickly and increase its potential to colic. Don’t feed late…We’ll keep the time and date!

Lastly, we take caring for you horses seriously. We are a legally registered business fully insured through Pet Sitters Assoc, LLC . Our reputation for quality care and “going that extra mile” can be verified through our excellent references. You can rely on us and never experience the stress associated with finding the right person to care for your horses again. If you are considering utilizing our services we would be happy to stop by for a no obligation consultation. You will get the chance to meet us, get an individual pricing quote and a list of references.


Horse and Barn Care Management Form

Horse and Barn Care Management Form

Click the form image or here to download a printable pdf form.

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