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A good vacation can be a much needed breaker from the monotony of day to day life. A break from work is one of the most relaxing things in the world, and it can recharge your batteries like nothing else before. However, there is a problem. If you are going on vacation, your house is going to be left unattended. Whether or not you have pets, this can be a difficult thing for some people. After all, what would you do if you came home, after a long and relaxing vacation, to find out that you had piles of mail on your door step, or your house was broken in to, or your pet was sick? All of these things and more can happen as a result of going on a vacation without proper planning. Seacoast Horse and Pet Sitting understands these concerns in full, we offer a solution so that you can go on your vacation, and enjoy yourself immensely, worry free.


Our Basic Home Sitting Services for Plum Island, Newbury and Newburyport

If you do not have a pet, do not worry; Seacoast Sitting Services still has your back. It can at times be terribly difficult to find a person to house sit for you. This is why we have offered this service to our list of available services. While you are away on vacation, we will be more than happy to perform all of the necessary functions that you require to be performed at your house. Each morning, we will bring in your mail, placing it in a spot of your choice so that not a single piece gets out of place. We will also be more than willing to water your plants for you. If you are a person who loves to keep plants, and wants to ensure that specific and attentive care is paid to them, we will do this as well; all you have to do is tell us how and when to best take care of your plants, and the rest will be our pleasure! We will also perform quick security checks on your doors and windows each day before leaving, after having collected your mail and watered your plants. This is to ensure that your house is completely and totally secure when we leave, so that there is no risk of any unfortunate activity taking place. If you need other services performed during your leave as well, such as blind and light change services, all you have to do is ask.


We have many house sitting clients on Plum Island that require both winter and summer sitting services. In the winter we make sure that your home looks lived in as a house that looks empty may attract unwanted guests. Storms are always a concern on the island in the winter and since Anne is an island resident she is right there to keep an eye on your property and arrange for snow removal or any other special additional needs.


Our Pet Home Sitting Services

If you have a dog, a cat, a fish, a bird or any other type of in home pet, we will be more than willing to offer you our expertise. With a dog or cat, however, indoor access will be required in order for us to take proper care of your animal. Accident clean ups, feeding, walking, and any other service you require for your pet is available, so do not hesitate to ask for anything that you may need. We will also spend quality time with your pet, so that they do not feel neglected. As the sole owners and operators of Seacoast Horse and Pet Sitting, we have vast experience working with pets of all kinds. From dogs to horses, and everything in between, we will ensure that your animal friend gets all of the love, attention and proper care that they need while you are away on vacation. This way, not only will your animal be content and happy, but you will be able to relax better, knowing that your pet is being taken good care of while you are away on vacation.


Why Choose Seacoast Horse & Pet  Sitting

Why should you choose Seacoast Horse and Pet Sitting for your house sitting? First off, we have a lot of expertise when it comes to house sitting. Because many of our clients contact us to watch their pets while they are away on vacation, we have come to think of ourselves as house sitting pros. House sitting is just another part of pet sitting, however it is a part that we know full well has just as much importance as taking care of your beloved friends. Thus, we will be fully willing to cater to any of your needs when it comes to watching your home, and your pets, while you are away. Remember; safety and security matters, and knowing that your pets, and your home, are fully taken care of while you are gone is very important.

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