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The Unbelievable Health Benefits of Puppy Massage.

The article below was shared with me and I wanted to share with you. Originally posted on littlethings.com and written by Phil Mutz. I have created a poster (below) which can be printed on 8 1/2×14 paper.

The Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Puppy Massage

As a responsible pet owner, I know that I constantly have to be looking out for my dog’s health and overall well-being. However, I never realized that I might actually have quite a large degree of control over their physical health.

According to Heal Animal Massage Therapy, “Along with regular veterinary visits, massage is a proactive therapy that addresses future health issues and also helps with certain problems your pet may already have.”

Just as there are reflexology points that a person can massage to maintain a healthy body, there are just as many points on your dog’s body that can be enormously beneficial to their health.

Massaging specific areas of your dog can be good for very specific organs, systems, and parts of the body.

Scroll through below for an exclusive look at the benefits of puppy massage, and to see exactly where you should massage them in order to achieve the specifichealth benefits you are looking for.

And while this should never take the place of a vet’s medical advice, I will definitely be trying out these massages on my canine companion. He may not know I’m doing it for his health, but I’m sure he will absolutely love the physical attention and bonding time!

Click the image below or click here to download a printable pdf massage poster.